Ferlin Yoswara



Born 2nd June 1988 in Bandung, Indonesia

Ferlin began her vocation early in life at the age 4, she has won numerous International Art Awards and participated in numerous Art Exhibitions for group and solo Art Exhibitions in the Art World, such as in Asia, Europe, and USA.

Graduated in 2011, Ferlin took a degree in Fine Art (sculpture and painting), Visual Communication Design, and Specialize G

Gold and Silver smithing Jewelry study in some universities in Indonesia, China, and The Netherlands.

Started from her resources, her small world, Ferlin has explored more and more about the big world step by step in her life journey. Ferlin spent her time for travelling and exploring the different cultures of countries all over the world that turn into her inspirations and impressions for her ART.

Ferlin combines the values and her understanding about matter at the level of the contemporary art.
Cross culture, identity, movement, and emotions about the human's life perspective depict on her essential and eccentric artworks (painting, sculpture, art object, and jewelry) in every contemporer media which she explore in the comprehensive range of contemporary art.
Since 2010, Ferlin based in her roots country, The Netherlands, follow by her painting collected by Royal Dutch Family, also based in her born country ,Indonesia. In early 2013, Ferlin started turn into jewelry world for her brand Ferlin Yoswara Fine Jewelry as a designer and a crafter.

Charity and social responsibility are close to Ferlin’s heart aswell, her artworks reflected for some worldwide organization such as UNESCO and Rotary International.